The Top War Anime Movies That Leave An Impression On Viewers

Popular animation, known as anime, frequently includes plots with characters and locations from a specific culture or time period. While some anime are based on manga or comics, others are original creations that can tell stories of all kinds – from science fiction to romance. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best war anime movies out there and discussing why they leave an impression on viewers.

1. Aldnoah Zero Anime
Aldnoah Zero is a film about the struggle between the Martian army and humans on Earth. When the astronauts discovered that Hypergate came from Mars by launching the Apollo 17 spacecraft, after a while, the Martian army created a new planet Versus through the use of Hypergate and entered the attack. work of the Earth. At the same time, Kaizuka Inaho and his friends joined the United Force of Earth to fight that army and protect the Earth.

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2. Full Metal Panic Anime
Full Metal Panic is a film that tells stories that happen around 17-year-old Sosuke Sagara – a member of the anti-terrorist organization Mithril.
At the organization, he is tasked with protecting high school girl Kaname Chidori from the forces of terror.

Full Metal Panic Anime - The Seven Deadly Sins Store
He approached her by becoming a classmate, but since the beginning of the mission, he has encountered many difficult situations and has become the laughingstock of the class. However, he still cares, silently protecting Chidori and facing many dangers.

3. Code Geass Anime
In the first episode of Code Geass, Japan and the Britannia Empire are at war. Japan was made a province of the Empire and given the designation of region 11 following its defeat by Britannia.

The main character Lelouch vi Britannia, the prince, is taken hostage by his father, the Emperor of Britannia, to Area 11 at the beginning of the story, and from that point on, he harbors hatred and is determined to topple the Emperor. Britannia.

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Lelouch was unintentionally drawn into a brawl, but he was released by C.C., who also gave him power, so he had to accept her offer. Lelouch gained strength ever since and started the Britannia Empire’s downfall.

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4. Valkyria Chronicles Anime
Valkyria Chronicles is a series about the struggle of the country Gallia against the invasion and acquisition of resources by the Eastern European imperial alliance.

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Besides, the film also talks about Welkin Gunther – the son of Gallia, who commands the 7th army against the enemy and protects the country.

5. Gundam Anime
The Gundam movie tells the story of the conflict between the military forces of PLANT (ZAFT) and Earth, as well as the robot Gundam, which serves as ZAFT’s deadly weapon.

On Valentine’s Day in 1970, an atomic bomb was dropped on Julius 7 in PLANT, killing everyone who lived there and setting the stage for the drama.

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The Earth side refuted PLANT’s accusations and assertions that the Earth Federation was responsible. Since then, the fight between the PLANT and the Earth has intensified and turned into a war.

When the conflict first began, PLANT’s ZAFT military forces were consistently defeated. However, through hard work and dedication, they were able to create Gundam, a robot with an unmatched capacity for retaliation.

6. Sengoku Night Blood Anime
A girl named Yuzuki travels back in time to Japan’s Shiga Warring States era and experiences the struggle for dominance between warlords in the movie Sengoku Night Blood.

Sengoku Night Blood Anime - The Seven Deadly Sins Store

However, when she started here, she fell into a bloody battlefield but was saved by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was from there that Hideyoshi and other lords discovered that her blood had the ability to awaken the power of the Gegga clan and sought to approach and pursue her with many purposes.

We think you’ll have more compelling anime to watch to pass the time after a long day. Remember to return to this page with us because there are lots of fascinating topics!



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