Ranking The Most Popular My Hero Academia Characters To Fans

If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, then you know that there are a lot of characters and villains to choose from. In this blog post, we’re going to be ranking the most popular My Hero Academia characters to fans. We’ll be taking into account factors like popularity on social media, how often they’re used in manga and anime adaptations, and how well they’ve been received by fans overall. So if you’re looking for a character to follow in your anime journey, be sure to check out our rankings!

5. Although Hitoshi Shinso May Possess Villainous Abilities, His Fans Adore Him The More For It
In middle school, Hitoshi Shinso’s pals regularly made fun of him and denigrated him, joking about how he had the skills of a villain and saying he could never be a Pro Hero. Shinso, however, disproves them all by learning to control his and use it to save lives in a variety of disputes and altercations.

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Eraserhead adopts Shinso, citing their shared perspectives on and interactions with society. Even if he tried, Shinso couldn’t be more, unlike a villain. His lackadaisical demeanor, however, does not convey a heroic image, and being a Pro Hero is 90% public relations. Yet, they could care less because they adore Shinso so much.

4. Over Time, Fumikage Tokoyami’s Popularity Has Steadily Increased
It’s not surprising that Fumikage Tokoyami is a big My Hero Academia fan with his fashionable and enigmatic Quirk Dark Shadow. He is a Class 1-A student at U.A. High who is serious-minded and typically appears in supporting parts but has occasionally been thrust into the spotlight throughout the course of several arcs.

Fumikage Tokoyami - The Seven Deadly Sins Store

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow seems to have its own thoughts, unlike the majority of the other Quirks in the narrative. The issue with this semi-autonomous quirk is that when the ambient light decreases, it is much stronger and more challenging to regulate. Dark Shadow is substantially more cowardly and brittle during the day, despite being simpler to manage.

3. Although All Might Is Well-liked, He Isn’t As Well-liked As Some Would Have Him Be
Long before he showed off his extraordinary power, All Might was already a sensation within the fandom. He’s that good; his quirky and distinctive character design easily makes him one of the most recognizable characters in Shonen anime. Given that All Might sacrifices One For All in his conflict with All For One, his current situation is problematic.

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Some admirers believe it to be somewhat degrading for a legend like himself to be reduced to a supporting role. All Might obviously puts up a fight from the sidelines as well, garnering the respect of both his coworkers and students.

2. A Nice Diversion From The Usual Shonen Protagonist Izuku Midoriya

Deku, also known as Izuku Midoriya, is the main character of My Hero Academia. Even after taking on All Might’s quirk, he still aspires to succeed him as the top professional hero. Deku’s personality, however, is very different from those of his loudmouthed anime contemporaries, such as Naruto Uzumaki and Monkey D. Luffy.

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Since he recognizes the worth of his own hard-won strength, Deku lives in the calmer and more intelligent portion of the Shonen spectrum. His cool-headed response to danger is incredibly impressive, at least until he transforms into “Madman Deku,” as the fans call him.

1. Shoto Todoroki Easily Takes the Show From the Main Character
One may compare Shoto Todoroki to Sasuke Uchiha from My Hero Academia but without the teen angst. Shoto commands the spotlight from the minute he has presented, thanks to the fandom’s overwhelmingly positive response. When it comes to character development, he surpasses his rivals.

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Shoto’s evolution is agonizingly slow but highly gratifying, unlike that of Deku and Bakugo. In other words, his current mindset differs greatly from his initial character. The fact that Shoto’s future is uncertain means that if he puts his mind to it, there is no telling how much he can accomplish.

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